I’m Mark and
I am #5IR!

I enjoy friends, thought & contributing to Futurism.

About Me

Mark was born in St. James Cape Town in ’87; to Patricia and Robin van den Bergh. At birth, Esther Maloni who was a Sangoma and care-taker for family; gave him the name “Xolile” which means “Peace Maker” or “Patient one“.

Both mother and father are known for being pioneers in there respective fields, where he gained his entrepreneurial spirit. Mark grew up in Bloemfontein for 9 years. His brother Paul was born and given the name “Sizwe” which means: “Born away from home”.

The family then moved to Johannesburg, and during the transition from Bloemfontein Pat (Marks’ mom) had to battle cancer. She did die after a 10 year struggle as a result of the disease; but she imparted great wisdom.

Mark matriculated in ’06 at the Kings’ School Bryanston, with an above average class. The rumour is that the class of ‘06 was so excellent that the school board had to form an Executive Community instead of the conventional Head Boy or Girl.

After school Mark took a GAP year in the UK. His good friend Alwyne Pelly and him planned to travel around the Island on Bike - it didn’t happen, but they are both better off for trying.

During this time I also found myself at Leith School of Art in preparation to go into university abroad - good friends at IHD Pharmaceuticals now UTI (DSV) assisted in Tuition fees paid by the company to attend The Open Window; for my BA in Visual Communication.

Design, development and process planning are core to the efforts Mark brings to his involvement in a team setting. He comes from a background in marketing, compliance and has a vast experience in small to enterprise business. Mark has contributed to the success of many organisations and entrenches himself in problem solving and being contributive.


Web and Systems Development; and
Life Coaching.

More information available on the 1st November!

Contact Me

Mobile: 0027 63 771 7907

Email: markvdb@live.com