Stepping out and taking risks within concept, design and development is what needs to be more prevelent in the indursty. Where the outcome is not defined by current knowledge nor is it by past experiences. We all need to look through our knowledge and build better, build faster and build wiser.

Safety 360 powered by Affsaf Online

A Health and Safety Management System (HSMS) designed specifically for any size employer. Its purpose is to help employers achieve organizational health and safety to an extremely high level with minimum effort. If used correctly will ensure high levels of legal compliance and full alignment with OHSAS 18001 (ISO 45000).

South Africa | May, 2015

Press Products

Reconceptualise brochures, create new brochures, print collateral and a quoting system.

South Africa | August 14th, 2015

Hearts Football (HMFC) CRM

Manage players, events, training, homework and tonnes more...

United Kingdom | June/July, 2015

Prior to the 2015/2016 focus on systems, there is a lot more work that has gone on.

We will be updating this in July 2016, please request a PDF from the team..
/ EYT Culture Strategists

Website Build and Blog.

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/ Tambeau

Web and Mobi.

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/ Assitej (Theatre for South Africa)

Poland Congress (Presentation).

They won the bid
/ The Brand Surgeon

ProfileMe Campaign (Web and Social).

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/ Cedarwood College Grahamstown Tour

A great school trip (Web and Photo).

/ Throbb

Web Facelift.

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/ Throbbing Strawberry

Menu, Flyer, Photo.

/ ShakeXperience

Photography at event for British Council.

/ Josh & Jane

Wedding Invite.

/ ShakeXperience
/ Project 30

Arts on Main (Photo and CI).

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/ Affsaf

(Web and CI).

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/ Perfectly Positioned

(Web and CI).

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/ Initial Stages of Vintage Peacock


/ FTFA Online Review
/ Throbbing Strawberry & Mon Petit Throbb


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/ Nokia QWERTY

(Mobi) - Silverstone CIS

/ Nokia Lumia & Asha

(Mobi) - Silverstone CIS

/ Nokia Rewards

(Mobi and Web) - Silverstone CIS

/ DKO Shoes


/ Passion4Development - Performance Management

(Web App) designed, but under wraps

/ Project Higher Life

(Web Site) - We Swing Cats

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/ SAA Beat-it Mailer, SAA Destinations, Imperial I-Pledge, Miller

/ SAA In Flight Entertainment

(online version) - Ogilvy

/ Shakexperience

(Print Initiatives and Public Events)

/ The Gift Drawer

(CI and Web)

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/ Sasi Wallpaper

(CI and Web)

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/ African Rock Lodge
/ Peppina

(Web Development and Photography)

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/ FeelGoodFilms

(Web Development)

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/ Passion4Development
/ The Brand Surgeon

(CI and Web)

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/ EC Harris

(Corporate Print Media)


(Research Analysis)

/ Gorgeous Restaurant
/ Real Life Church
/ Professional Photography